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About Growlers

This game is about Growlers. We do not know why Growlers is running. We do not know what Growlers is running from or what Growlers is running to.

What we do know is that Growlers is a cat. Growlers can jump over obstacles. Growlers does not like water. Growlers does not like the left side of the screen. Growlers does not like anthropomorphized cacti.

Help Growlers jump to avoid the things he does not like.

Game Instructions

  • Press "J" to Jump!
  • Use the mouse to navigate through menus
  • Sound can be toggled on the main menu by pressing the speaker icon


This game was made by Liz Phillips



Growlers was made with free assets available within the Buildbox engine in about a week.

Growlers was made possible with the following awesome, non-commercial use/free use files from the following awesome websites by the following awesome people:

Free Sound.org:

Bass Loop 135 bpm by orangefreesounds

sonicattackloop by sirplus

Cat Meow2 by steffcaffrey

Crazy Cat #2 by sergeeo


Pacifico by Vernon Adams

Gas Huffer Phat by The Font Emporium

Install instructions

  • The file downloaded is a zip file.
  • Use your computer to extract the files by right clicking on the "GrowlersTheCat" folder and selecting "Extract All"
  • Choose the location you'd like Growlers to be installed
  • To launch the game open the unzipped/extracted "GrowlersTheCat" folder and click the file named "GrowlersLauncher"


GrowlersTheCatWindows.zip 4 MB

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