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About Minus.Plus

This is a text interface game with color mixing based puzzles. Who knows where your journey might lead.

Game Instructions

  • Make choices by following the prompts on the screen and pressing the letter that corresponds with your selection
  • There is no sound
  • While playing the browser game, if the controls aren't working, try clicking in the web player/game window to reactivate the controls
  • Press Esc at any time to quit in the Windows build


This game was made by Liz Phillips



Minus.Plus was made while learning basic coding with C# in the Unity engine. Please leave a comment with any problems, questions, or suggestions.

Install instructions

Browser Play

Mozilla Firefox is the only browser that was tested and worked correctly. Internet Explorer or Opera might work. Google Chrome is not compatible with Unity Web Player.

Windows Installation

  • The file downloaded is a zip file
  • Use your computer to extract the files by right clicking on the "Minus.Plus" folder and selecting "Extract All"
  • Choose the location you'd like Minus.Plus to be installed
  • To launch the game open the unzipped/extracted "Minus.Plus" folder and click the file named "Minus.Plus"


Minus.Plus1.1.zip 7 MB

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